Building a website is hard. Once you have that built you have to purchase additional services on top of that such as email sending/receiving, tracking, customer signup forms, CRM, E-Commerce and the list goes on and on.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was ONE platform that offered this all? Well that’s our bet at SCALAR SITES. We’re providing everything in one box that you need to succeed.

This is a really big project, but if we can do it will pay off. There’s lots of problems connecting one website to external data, calendars, crm — things get lost, things don’t work — and you pay for it.

We’ve got a pretty big case study done for this, we just need to get the technology built. Who knows, maybe your next website is a SCALAR SITE!

Check out and note the speed at which it loads on any device. It was super hard to do but it works extremely well.

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