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E-Commerce: Zero to Hero Crash Course, Applied Fundamentals
By Andrew Normore
CEO of ASECC2021

Problem: You’re trying to build a product or drop ship store on WooCommerce and have no idea where to start

Solution: We’ll show you how to select a host, create a WordPress store and theme, add products, create landing page funnels that can be evolved for higher sales performance, create email marketing funnels and lastly set up your ads.

Does this sound familiar?
How to build a product and make $10,000 a month without using Kickstarter (build a REAL business).
The definitive guide to be an E-Commerce Zero to Hero success story.
A complete solution to bring you from product idea to sales in 30 days.
Full walk through on how to create a business and start selling in 30 days, see


  1. Foreword

    1. About your instructor, Andrew Normore
      1. Growing up in computers
      2. Teaching
      3. Professional Software Developer
      4. Professional Marketer
      5. Professional CEO
      6. The Rubix Cube
    2. Mindset, Attitude, Discipline, Being Competitive
    3. Time and expectations
    4. Coaching Call #1
  2. Finding a Product to Sell

    1. Product research
    2. Market segment research
    3. Frequency of sale research
    4. Product pricing research
    5. Competitor research
    6. Coaching Call #2
  3. Building Your Product

    1. Sketch
    2. Product name
    3. Company name and logo
    4. Finding a manufacturer
    5. Photorealistic Renderings
    6. Coaching Call #3
  4. Creating an E-Commerce Website

    1. Register A Website
    2. WooCommerce VS Shopify
    3. Building Your Website
      1. Domain Registration
      2. Hosting
      3. Speed settings
    4. Theme Setup
    5. WooCommerce Setup
    6. Tracking Setup
    7. Coaching Call #4
  5. Creating Offer Page

    1. Theory of Offer Pages
    2. Lead page VS Sale page
    3. Evolution with AB Split Testing
    1. Additional plugins
    2. Coaching Call #5
  6. Marketing Your Offer Page

    1. Theory of Marketing
      1. Spending Matrix
      2. Where you should advertise
      3. Tracking Attribution Problems
      4. Funnel Refinement
        1. Interest by lead generation
        2. Customer Interview
        3. Business Circuit Feedback and Optimization
      5. Making Money
        1. Sustainable Launch
        2. Scalable Launch
    2. Media Buying
      1. Facebook Marketing
      2. Youtube Marketing
      3. AdWord Marketing
      4. Email Marketing
        1. Abandoned Cart Recovery
        2. Opt In Marketing Funnel
        3. Life Time Value of Customer
      5. Customer Service Solutions
    3. Coaching Call #6
  7. Running Your Business

    1. Generating Gross Revenue
    2. Shipping Fulfillment
    3. Incorporating Your Business
    4. Accounting Basics
    5. Coaching Call #7
  8. Conclusion

    1. Congratulations
    2. Claim Your Certificate
    3. Continuing Growth
    4. Coaching Call #8


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